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5 aircraft
68 staff
43 destinations
426 partner organisations

The Challenge

Uganda is home to over a million displaced people due to the internal conflicts in Uganda, South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. To accommodate the large number of refugees from surrounding countries the government has set up refugee settlements in northern Uganda.

With 20% of the Ugandan population living in extreme poverty, and one of the highest rates of population growth in the world, there is a strain on resources in the north of the country. Poor sanitation and access to clean water means that waterborne diseases such as typhoid and diarrhoea are common, as well as outbreaks of cholera.

With rural areas experiencing higher levels of poverty and childhood illness compared to urban areas, many development agencies are focussing their efforts on rural communities. However, the transport infrastructure makes journeys to remote areas long and often dangerous.

Our Operation

MAF’s Uganda programme began in 1986 and operates five aircraft from our airfield at Kajjansi, near Kampala. Our flights support missions and NGOs with shuttle flights and charters into remote areas of northern Uganda, South Sudan and East DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo). The programme also provides a logistical service which includes procurement and registration services.

Scheduled shuttle flights provide customers with an easy way to reach northern Uganda where they work with local people as well as the many displaced people in the refugee settlements. There they provide trauma counselling, education projects, healthcare, medical supplies, WASH and livelihood projects.

The twice weekly shuttle into Western Equatoria in South Sudan enables passengers from Uganda to reach remote parts of the country. Regular flights enable families who are displaced across the two countries to see each other and communicate, as well as enabling local NGOs to work with isolated people on projects providing community skills development with mothers and children. They also provide a route for supplies to local hospitals.

Regular direct flights from Uganda to Bunia help people get in and out of East DRC. Our team in DRC are then able to fly them to remote areas where they work with isolated communities.

MAF’s training base for Africa is also located in Uganda, providing standardisation courses for MAF pilots, as well as ongoing and recurrency training. This regional hub enables MAF pilots to stay current as well as training those new to the organisation.