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Have you got the global leadership experience to transform the lives of the world’s most isolated people?

Introduction to MAF
Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) is a global movement founded 70 years ago when a group of Christian Second World War pilots shared a vision to use their aviation skills to help rather than harm while spreading the transformational love of Jesus Christ.
Many communities around the world are isolated from the rest of the world by terrain or sheer distance or a combination of both. Reaching them, by foot, vehicle or animal, can take days or even weeks. For these communities, the arrival of one of our small aircraft, symbolises hope, help and healing. It can open up not just the immediate community but a whole district to new possibilities in health, education and trade as it brings vaccinations, food, school books, mosquito nets, building materials, Bibles translated into the local language or the best chance of reaching urgent medical attention.
It may also be bringing key workers from over 800 partner organisations. By saving our partners days travelling by foot, car or boat we can help save and transform more lives in the communities we serve.
Today MAF International operates 60 aircraft, flies to more than 700 destinations and transports more than 70,000 passengers and 2 million kilos of cargo each year. Flying to more destinations than any other airline, a MAF International aircraft takes off every four minutes.

Structure of MAF
MAF International was formed in 2006 by the coming together of MAF Europe, which focused on Africa and MAF Australia, which focused on Asia Pacific and Australasia. It oversees programmes in 12 countries - Arnhem Land in Australia, Bangladesh, Chad, Kenya, Liberia, Madagascar, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, South Sudan, Tanzania, Timor-Leste and Uganda and will soon open a new programme in Myanmar.
Our Associate Members, MAF Canada and MAF-US, and our MAF affiliates also run a number of programmes around the world, completing the MAF family.
None of the life changing work we enable would be possible without the dedicated support – people, funding and prayer – provided by our Resourcing Groups based in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, India, Italy, Malaysia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, the Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK and the US.

Vision and Purpose
Our Vision: To see isolated people physically and spiritually transformed in Christ’s name.
Our Purpose: To share God’s love through aviation and technology

Context to this role
After seven years in the role, the current CEO, Chris Lukkien is returning to the Netherlands to become the CEO of ZOA, a Christian charity which provides humanitarian relief and recovery in the Global South. Chris has been an exemplary leader, helped by his great understanding of MAF, his many qualities and his open and caring style, all grounded in the love of the Lord.
Chris leaves MAF International in good shape with an organizational structure that is working well, a talented and committed staff and high levels of trust within the team and between MAF International and the Resourcing Groups. In recent years the focus has been on four strategic priorities:
1. Resource Development: MAF sought to grow financial and human resources. The focus was on three areas:
I. A comprehensive HR Strategy was developed and approved. This included the launch of an exciting new pilot training partnership between MAF International and Aviation Australia at the new MAF Training Centre in Mareeba and pilot intern scheme in our programmes. There is now net growth in the number of international staff though recruiting pilots. Recruitment of engineering and professional staff continues to be a challenge.
II. The smaller Resourcing Groups were developed which led to income growth of 6.6% per year.
III. Effort was put into Asia development and MAF was established in Singapore, Philippines and India and re-established in Malaysia.
2. Improving Internal Organisation: A lot of work has been done for MAF International (operations) to start functioning as one organisation. This has been achieved through the creation of a single leadership team which has bonded well and is working increasingly strategically.
3. Partnership Focus: Many successful partnerships have been forged including with local governments, NGOs and networks such as EU-CORD and Micah Network.
4. New Ministries: This includes seeking to open up new programmes e.g. Liberia, introducing cheaper-to-operate aircraft and introducing different operating models e.g. a consultancy approach with a flying club in Nigeria and the transference of our maintenance operation in Tanzania to local ownership.

Strategic Challenge
The incoming Chief Executive will be tasked with building on this work by:
• Developing a truly international organisation across multiple jurisdictions, working to recruit, develop and retain managers, pilots and engineers and to increase diversity across the whole organization.
• Harnessing and encouraging the development of the skills and capabilities of a broad range of resourcing organisations
• Ensuring the ongoing renewal of existing programmes and identifying the opportunity for new programmes where the need is greatest
• Embedding an enabling, as well as a doing mentality, through the creation of more transformational partnership opportunities especially local initiatives for capacity building.
• Increasing MAFs capacity to be agile in order to respond faster to the changing needs of partners.
Job Description
The CEO is responsible for achieving MAF’s purpose, vision, strategic priorities and annual objectives within the guidelines and directions given by the Board. The CEO shall demonstrate the values of MAF, design and maintain an effective management structure and direct the management processes. He/she sets the spiritual tone for the mission, is the keeper of the vision and communicates the vision both within and outside the organisation. The CEO is responsible for a safe and financially sound operation, promotes open communication, and ensures that healthy relationships are maintained within the organization, with the Resourcing Groups and externally.
Together with the Board Chair, the CEO is responsible for the link between the Board and Resourcing Groups (see appendix 2) and helps the Board to be effective in its governance role by providing timely and appropriate information on relevant matters.
For more detail of the responsibilities please see appendix below.

Person Specification
• A spiritually mature committed Christian
• Able to set and communicate the organisational vision
• A strong conceptual thinker
• Able to deal with high degrees of complexity and conflicting demands
• Have sound judgement with the ability to make timely and effective decisions
• Servant hearted and open leadership style that empowers, encourages and develops others
• Able to build and develop effective relationships with a range of different stakeholders
• Financially astute
• Fluent in English
• Willing to learn
• Have a heart for mission
• Able and willing to travel extensively (around 90 days per year)
• Proven track record in senior leadership of multi-national organisation including developing strategy and translating it into operational activities
• Significant international and cross-cultural experience
• Experience of/in not-for-profit sector
• Mission experience or working within a Christian (interdenominational) organisation

Terms and Conditions
The role will be based at MAF International’s Head Office in Ashford, Kent. The standard working week is 37.5 hours a week but flexibility is absolutely key given the nature of the role and working across multiple time lines.
There will be an industry relevant competitive package taking into account the experience and personal circumstances of the successful candidate.

How to Apply
Applications should be sent by email to Roger Edwards, International Recruitment Manager,
The closing date for applications is 7 June 2017
Your application should comprise of:
• A full CV, including educational and professional qualifications, a full employment history showing the more significant positions, responsibilities held, relevant achievements and latest remuneration including any benefits.
• A covering note of not more than 1.5 pages outlining your motivation for applying and drawing out how your experience is relevant.

Appendix 1

To provide leadership in MAF by:
• Modelling spiritual leadership in all areas of life and ministry and by presenting the spiritual face of MAF both within its internal and external environment;
• Leading, inspiring and motivating staff and calling the mission to spiritual growth through written and oral communications;
• Ensuring that the beliefs and values of MAF are known and lived out throughout the organisation;
• Taking the lead in developing MAF’s vision and strategic plans and the implementation thereof; and actively seeking new ways and new areas to further develop MAF’s vision and strategy.

To manage MAF’s operations by ensuring that:
• MAF’s resources are used effectively and efficiently, in places of highest need;
• MAF’s operation are safe, legal, efficient and reliable;
• Effective and efficient management structures, policies and systems are in place;
• All flight and maintenance activities are financed and carried out to the standards set by local Civil Aviation Authorities and MAF itself;
• Quality and safety management systems are in place for all programmes.

To manage MAF staff by ensuring that:
• The recruitment, induction, training and care for staff reflects good employment practises and are directed towards achieving MAF’s purpose and vision;
• The spiritual and emotional well-being of staff is looked after;
• Systems are in place for staff performance feedback and staff development; and
• Potential future leaders are identified and developed.

To manage the financial health and risks of the organisation by:
• Having in place effective financial management and internal controls;
• Presenting to the Board annual budgets and periodic forecasts, and demonstrating that the organisation is being managed within the agreed budget and governance policies;
• Having systems in place to identify and mitigate financial and other risks; and
• Ensuring that the organisation fulfils all its legal, statutory and regulatory responsibilities.

To manage the internal and external relationships of the organisation by:
• Fostering good and open communication throughout the organisation and externally;
• Encouraging, supporting and interacting with the MAF Member Groups and ensuring they have regular and consistent information to raise financial, people and prayer support;
• Interacting with the global MAF community to encourage its development and actively enhance the process of international collaboration and alignment; and
• Pursuing partnerships with MAF’s customers and other agencies.

To enable the Board to fulfil its governance responsibility by:
• Maintaining and developing the interface between the Board and the organisation;
• Presenting to and discussing with the Board strategic plans and tactical objectives;
• Demonstrating, through regular reporting, that MAF is running a safe and solvent operation in line with its purpose, vision, values, governance policies and agreed strategic plan and annual objectives;
• Drawing the Board’s attention to matters it should consider and decide; and
• Working closely with the Chairman in support of his/her leadership of the Board.

The CEO is accountable to the Board for performance. Job output is expected to be in line with the above position description and within strategic priorities, annual objectives and the governance policies set by the Board.
The Board is responsible to the CEO for providing the authorisation, resources, affirmation and involvement necessary for the successful realisation of the role.
The working relationships of the CEO are reviewed annually as part of his/her annual review.

Appendix 2
Organisational Structure


Join an amazing journey and transform lives

Mission Aviation Fellowship is a unique Christian relief and development charity operating 125 light aircraft in over 30 countries.  MAF transport patients, relief workers, produce, medical supplies and Christian workers in the world’s remotest regions and places of deepest human need – places where flying is not a luxury but a lifeline.  We have been operating for over 60 years and have developed into a substantial aviation services charity that is relied upon by the network of development agencies, Christian workers and the communities they serve - every three minutes one of our aircraft takes off or lands bringing help, hope and healing to those in need.

Are you interested in working with a multi-cultural and cross-functional team providing vital services in aviation, communications and logistics to those in need in some of the most challenging and remote locations in the world?
MAF seeks those who feel called to work in overseas mission to fill key roles such as Programme Manager, Aircraft Engineer, Finance Manager, Pilot, Quality Manager, Avionics Technician, IT Specialist and Home School Support Teacher.
If you are interested in finding out more about working for MAF you need to contact your home MAF office (home in this context means your country of citizenship).  These are as follows:

MAF Offices

MAF Arnhem Land
MAF Australia
MAF Bangladesh
MAF Chad
MAF Denmark
MAF Finland
MAF France
MAF Germany
MAF Italy
MAF Kenya
MAF Madagascar
MAF Mongolia
MAF Netherlands
MAF New Zealand
MAF Norway
MAF Papua New Guinea
MAF South Africa
MAF South Sudan
MAF Switzerland
MAF Tanzania
MAF Timor-Leste
MAF Uganda

Associate Offices

MAF Canada

Other enquiries

If your country of citizenship is not represented then please contact the support office closest to you geographically.
Africa Support Office
Asia Pacific Support Office
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